Standard rotation when nothing planned

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I’m looking at Xibo for quite some years now and have to say it’s a big project which is going straight forward. I liked the way it works, but haven’t had the possibility to use it in production, untill now.

I’m looking for a way to do the following. I don’t want to schedule a campaign for every day. I see I can add a ‘standard layout’ which shows on the display when there’s nothing planned, but i’d like to have a carrousel of more layouts, so to speak a “campaign” to show when there’s nothing scheduled. I looked for it, but it seems I can only do layouts.

Is there a good way to plan a set of layouts/template when there’s nothing planned, and IF there is something planned, switch over to that campaign?

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The default layout - as the name suggest only single layout can be set as a default layout for a display.
Only the default layout will be displayed when there is nothing scheduled to a display.

We do recommend default layout to be something fairly simple, not often changed and to schedule more complex layout.

As you said, you can create campaigns, which essentially are grouped layouts and schedule it to your display - you can also assign/unassign layouts from the campaign at any time.

You can utilise schedule start/end time, as well as priority to display the content you want in the timeframes you want.

In upcoming 1.8 series (1.8.0-rc2 is available now) there also will be dayparting, overlay layouts, working and documented API which combined with XMR can be utilised to for example change layout on a display for specific a duration etc.

Yeah, I get that, but there are tons of possibilities when a campaign could be set as standard.

In a way to achieve this, can I just schedule a campaign from 00:00 to 00:00, repeat it daily and when I need to have something else scheduled in a time, I can add a new one and disable the ‘standard’ campaign by prioritising the new campaign?

You can schedule a campaign even without repeat just set lets say:
start time - today
end time - some date into the future

Schedule it without priority.

Then when you will want to schedule some layout/campaign that should be displayed over the standard campaign, you’d create new campaign add specific layouts to it then create new event and schedule it with priority to your display.

Hi Peter,

That’s a good option then. What if I assign two campaigns with Priority? Will they both play in a carrousel one after another in a loop or will just one play?
That could be good.

  • One campaign from now untill 31 Dec or even later
  • Assign one campaign with Priority inn times it has to play
  • Add another campaign to the display with priority to the same display to “add” this campaign in a roulation with the other one with priority

So in 1.7 there is only priority checkbox essentially a flag 0 or 1.

Events with the same priority will cycle (and be displayed with, well, priority over events with lower (0) priority).

You can use Display Order, to select which of the two(or more) events with the same priority should be displayed first (and then they will cycle event 1 event 2 event 1 and so on)

In 1.8, the priority can be a number, so it will give room for even more complex schedules - the same logic applied - ie higher priority plays in preference to lower priority events.

So, in short, it works like i thought :wink:

Thanks for the info, should be going allright then. I’m curious about 1.8 and will try it out when it’s finished