Spiceworks into xibo?

someone asked me if there is a option to get spiceworks(ticket system) into a layout. but you need to login to see the tickets. is there a way how i can get spiceworks into xibo without to login on every screen?

xibo version 1.8.11
xibo is running on linux 16.04

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Does Spiceworks have an option to generate an RSS feed. Alot of the ticket systems I’ve used do.

If it does, you can get Xibo to consume that feed.

@Willem_Rintjema If you figure this out please let me know, it would be a super cool whiz-bang for us too.

There is only a option with outlook or witch mail you use.
But thats not with details how we want it
It has a database, i hope that there will be another option.
I hope you have a suggestion?

we use spiceworks with outlook
there must be an option to make a rss feed from your mail so you can display it to xibo
but i dont know how :frowning:

You would need to ask Spiceworks how you can embed their content in an external webpage. If they can do that, then you can use the webpage module in Xibo to show that.

Hello, it is very intresting idea for intergrating spiceworks in XIBO. I think i can be done via API then pusshing it to the dataset .

We have similar query where client asked if can deploy informations from ship that docked in harbour to the XIBO.

If you are intrested in cooperation, send me pm.

onebeat, if you can get this to work I would definitely be interested in trying it out. Sending a PM

Hello, i happy to say that we have started creating system for fetching information from Spicework HD and start showing it to the xIBO :slight_smile:

I will update this post soon as we build test app and if you need informations send pm

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