Some tips to make it even more valuable

I tried CMS Xibo 1.7.5 on Linux and I find it really good.
Let me suggest a few tips that may be optimal for a better functioning:

  1. In layout design, especially in the timeline, it would be convenient to be able to move the media into the “grid view”;
  2. When editing videos I find the tick in his voice: “Off - It should be turned off the video?” as if it was active.
    It would be convenient to be able to activate or deactivate the average sound somewhat dedicated voice in the “grid view”.
    Ps : to mute the sound of the video I have to remove the check mark, save the video, replace the check mark in the item specified above, and re-save the video;
  3. It may be convenient, in the “Video Edit” window, replace the media with some other library content;
  4. The Xibo administration on smartphones is not completely responsive and often can not handle some windows

These are some tips to make it even more valuable a product already outstanding.

There is an option to switch to grid view in layout designer → edit timeline already

I am not sure what you mean here.

It’s quite possible that it was slightly bugged in 1.7.5, in general, if “mute?” is ticked and saved video should be muted.

You can replace it with different video from that view.
If you want to use different module (lets say image module) then you can unassign no longer video from the layout and add image.

It’s not designed with phones/tablets in mind, but certainly could be better.

Thank you for your feedback.