Some strings are missing in translation launchpad

Hi everybody

I’m benj from France
I put Xibo 2 on a VPS linux, I was looking forward to discover this new release, because my custormers want more possibilities in their account.

But I work with windows player and I could see effect don’t works between 2 photos.

My main problem today is about the translation, my customers don’t speak english so I want to translate every word.
But in the file translation, there are a lot strings missed.

for exemple, I want to translate the button “chekout” when we want to change a layout, or “widjet”, “clock”…

Why this words are not in the file

thanks a lot !

Up please

Thank you

All translatable strings are in Launchpad ready to be translated.

You can contribute translations directly there, and they will be built in to the next release automatically.

If the strings you need aren’t in there already, then please let me know where exactly they appear in the UI and I will ask the development team about that directly.

in layout editing, I watched some english words which I don’t find in launchpad like these

xibo7 xibo6 xibo4 xibo2

thank you