Some regions not loading

Most of my layouts have 2-3 regions. I have a new layout that has 19 regions. They are displayed on a 75" TV. I have a 2.4Ghz process, Windows 10 Pro, 4 GB RAM running the XIBO Windows client. Sometimes, all the regions load correctly. Other times some are missing. 10 of the regions are embedded HTM files served from an internal, local web server. The other regions are a JPG (Xibo media library) and the remaining 8 are text objects in Xibo. Any ideas why the text objects and embedded HTM do not always display? See the attached three examples… one with all regions loaded and the other two with various regions not loading. Thanks!

Here is the good image

Here is another bad example

Thank you for including this screenshots. I would recommend checking that the system is up to date, including graphics drivers and Windows updates.

I would also recommend looking at your RAM usage when the layout is showing both correctly and incorrectly.

If you can confirm the above information (System up to date and RAM usage), I can look into this for you further.

Many Thanks.

I have had this issue for over a week. I have already made sure Windows and drivers are fully up to date. The client is 1.8.10. I was originally using CMS 1.8.10, but yesterday I upgraded to 1.8.11. No change with the upgrade. Oddly enough the RAM usage is higher on the one that is working. See below.


One not working…


Thank you for including the screenshots of the Memory usage for both displays. It appears that there are some differences between the 2 machines, the first is using 2 DIMM slots at 1333Mhz, the second 1 DIMM slot at 1600Mhz.

Can you confirm if there are any other differences in the hardware, for example the graphics cards, hard drives and CPU? This could explain the differences in performance.

Thank you also for confirming that you have upgraded your CMS to the latest version. Are both of the players running the same version of the Xibo Player, and which version is that?

Many Thanks.

Yes, both players are at the same version… 1.8.10.

Not working:


It could be that the layout is too large for your PC to run consistently. This may be due to the amount of available VRAM on your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

A possible test would be to remove an item at a time from the layout, to see if the performance improves. If you find the playback stabilizes with less regions, it would suggest that the hardware is unable to consistently run the layout.

If you decide to test the Player by doing this, I would appreciate knowing the results.

Many Thanks.

I wondered if the number of regions also caused the problem. Yesterday morning I added the text of four of the regions to the background JPG of the layout. That brought the total regions down from 19 to 15. It did not change the outcome. I could delete more regions for testing purposes, but I can’t reduce the number of regions below 15 permanently. Although the computer hardware specs are VERY similar in my opinion, I do see there is a minor speed difference in RAM and the processors are different. I don’t have any of the older hardware models at my Chicago location, so I took a new model and drove to one of our Michigan locations yesterday afternoon. Same layout, same TV, just the newer PC model and all the problems went away. So, the slightly faster RAM or atom vs celeron processor is the issue/solution. I think I will leave the layout at 15 regions just to minimize the overhead needed to display it. I really appreciate all your assistance in narrowing down the issue! I really love the product!

FYI: The stick PC’s are from Azulle Tech. They are awesome. The original model… Access Plus has worded great. I now know that the Access 3 is needed for larger TV’s with many regions. The Azulle stick PC’s are very reliable and work in all of our manufacturing environments (heat, dust, dirt, oil, humidity). We velcro them to the backs of our Samsung TV’s used for digital signage. Plus, they have an Ethernet port… most stick PC’s do not.

Thank you for confirming the results of your tests, it does appear that the issue is hardware related rather than software.

The information about the SFF PC’s you are using is very helpful, thank you for passing this on as it helps us also to know the functionality and performance of the hardware solutions being used by the community.

I’m glad to hear you are enjoying using Xibo as you digital signage solution. If you have any further issues, I’m more than happy to help.

Many Thanks.