Some regions missed every second time

Dear Xibo-Team,

I have a campaign with four layouts in it. It works fine running first time, second time there are some, not all, regions without content - in every layout. Third time it’s still ok. 4th same problem as second time. And so on. Preview layouts works fine.

Any idea to look finding my (configuration) mistake?

I’m using UBUNTU as server, Windows 7 with Xibo-Client 1.7.8.

Thanks für your help.
Marc, Germany

That seems rather odd, what kind of content is missing please?

Are there any errors on player status window (press ‘i’ on your keyboard to show status window while Xibo has focus).

First of all: Thanks for your answer.

I’m missing two pictures (SVG, implemented als embeded-HTML, a simple Link to the SVG-image inside of our LAN on another server). And a ticker (RSS-Feed); the Feed works fine in other applications. All three regions contain only one element.

Other regions, also containing only one element, working fine every time (picture from media lib, simple text).

Errors on player status: I still not in front of the XIBO-Player, no possibility with VNC or TeamerViewer at the moment. Can I see errors also in Web-Frontend where i designed the layouts?

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards

One more discovery: Adding the same content a second time in this region, i.e. having two elements to display not only one, it seems to work.

After some other problems I changed to Version 1.7.9 and put everything in one layout - no campaign with different layouts.

No it works fine.

Thanks for your help.