Some Problems About Dataset Using


I have using Xibo and I love it. Now I have a problem. I will try to explain.

I have a dataset tree like this.

I used two dataset region for a design. On the left side I am showing the name of the salon to opposite I am writing the meeting name. But here is my problem. Because of I use 2 region. If I don’t have any value inside of a cell It is not putting a space. It is showing the value at the top.

Like this;

In this example MEETING TEST must write opposite of TEST SALON 3. But It is putting on the top of the layout because there is no value on the other cells. If I write   to the empty cells It is showing how what I want.

Before I was using this method properly but I was using only one dataset and it was showing. But when I add two region it is showing wrong. I mean I must do some ordering or formula but I don’t know these things.

I hope I explained well.

If we can’t make anything about this problem I can add one dataset region but I want to show second column with different color or style.

I am waiting your helps thank you.


I’d definitely suggest 1 region with your dataset.

Now you have two options ticker or dataset view modules.

For ticker you can perhaps more user friendly edit the output (like in text editor) + css (if needed)

so if you would want to only change the lets say font colour, in ticker you would do it like this:

which would output something like this:

Now for datasetview module, it’s CSS only so, for example you could do something like this:

body {
font-size: 250%;

tr.HeaderRow {
    background-color: #4CAF50;
    color: white;

td#column_1 {
color: blue;

td#column_2 {
color: red;

Which in this case would output something like this:

It’s just an example, to show you that in both cases you can edit particular columns or rows or even cells.

As I said, I think that one region with adjusted css (or only in text editor if you’d choose ticker module) is the way to go.

Wow! Thanks! It was a fast reply and It saved my life! Thanks again.

I want to ask a different question about dataset. All meeting rooms has a client for meeting name show. And I have a overview page which is showing which rooms has an appointment. For overview page I was writing saloon names left side of dataset and I was adding dataset on the clients with order as I explained at the top. For example Test salon 3 has a meeting. It shows properly when I use one region. But I don’t want to show empty saloons. I want to show only which has a appointment. Before I was showing meeting names for example. For example I was writing 3 for Row and Upper row limits for test salon 3. It was showing the true resource.

But I want to show that If a saloon has a meeting they must write saloon name and meeting name if the saloon name has the same name with the client name it must show meeting name on the meeting room clients. I don’t know if I explained well. I couldn’t explain I will try to explain with screenshots.

Thanks again!!

So you’ll want to use filter (for both ticker and dataset view)

basically it’s just ColumnName <> ' '

so in my example it would be

text <> ' '

Then it will display only rows where there is something in the text column ie only rows with scheduled meeting.