Some players won’t load some js file after update et swich to docker

CMS custom install 2.2.16
CMS updated and migrate to docker V3.2.0

All Done but some DSCS9 and Windows players dont load some .js files like pdf.js, xibo-metro-render.js … alse boostrap.mim.js (15 files)

  • the MD5 is the same on the database and on Media
  • i check all Modules and the check was sucessfull.

Only one player DSCS9 have all file Laoded. i cas send new layout for the player with CMS.

Any idea why some Player can Load some files fron CMS.
I Roll Back my VM to snapshot before update and migration and all files was loaded from CMS to Players


Hi there,

What i got here is issue when migrating environment right? I think it’s save to assume we need to check more log and something like that because when move to docker (i believe we talking about using docker-compose here) and we need to do some changes about that

So if you able to send more logs it’s will be great!

Thank you so much!

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