[Solved][oAuth] Authentication and RegisterDisplay

I really want to make a Mobile app using CMS services. As I know, with phonegap/cordova I can develop in one place and build into cross-platform.
How can I authenticate using oAuth and call soap service with javscript? I’ve try my best. But all of them didn’t work. Can you guys give me any suggest?

You can’t use OAuth with the SOAP service. OAuth is only for the API. The Players consume the SOAP service and authenticate with their own credentials.

Thank you. If I understand you correctly, what you said is if I use
SOAP, I don’t need to care about CONSUME_KEY and CONSUME_SECRET_KEY
which are created on Applications on server. And I just have to notice on serverKey and hardwareKey.

SOAP is the specification used by XMDS (Xibo Media Distrubtion Service) and is the mechanism that signage players get their schedule / download content from the CMS. I’d be surprised if that is what you want to make?

CMS services are provided by a REST API which is in BETA at the moment (it will be changing for 1.8). It uses oAuth authentication and is described here.


The XMDS specification is here, but will be out of date. You can get a WSDL from your CMS by visiting http://cms/xmds.php?v=4&WSDL

Accessing the CMS is done via a serverKey and hardwareKey combination.

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You’re my lifesaver :smiley:
With your suggestions, I have found my problem. It involves the use of version 3 or 4 of the XMDS class. I have corrected a bit and all of my code works fine.
Thank you so much.

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