Solution for 1000+ Xibo clients


I am building a system with more than 1000 clients. The current state of my project is in testing phase with 100 clients. But when I did a schedule for all clients to play a video 100MB, the CMS web became lagging and the downloading very slow. Do you have any experience about a big number of clients? How many servers should I have? Or what is the suite model/infrastructure I should build?

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It might be hard to say, as the requirements for RAM etc may vary depending on few things, what’s your current server specification?

Is your testing done with 1.8 series CMS/player?

What’s the collection interval? Are stats enabled? is notify current layout enabled? is screenshot interval enabled?

Or those options will increase the server load by quite a lot with bigger number of displays.

You might be able to do some bandwidth management by setting all the client Ethernet connections to 100mb or 10mb full.
Unless your doing WiFi in which case stick to the G Band to limit saturation of the Xibo server.
Also you may want to consider upgrading the Xibo Server’s 1Gbit Ethernet card to a 10Gbit Fiber or Cat6 Ethernet card.
That should help to mitigate any bandwidth congestion of the server by all clients.

Hi Peter,

Happy to see your reply.

I am in the testing phase with 1.8.2 CMS/client. The interval is 5m, stats enabled, current layout enabled, screenshot interval enabled (1’, 1024 pixels).

I know these will increase the server load and that is the reason I am here to find suggestion from your experience.

Dear Ethan,

Thank you very much. Your information is very useful to me.

One more question: Should I have more servers? Load balancer? Or separate the CMS server and File Server?