So frustrating trying to install this

I really want xibo to install but every corner i turn i get a problem. Start with apache would not start so had to change a load of ports.

Now this when trying to install xibo Requires PHP FileInfo support to function. If you are on Windows you need to enable the php_fileinfo.dll in your php.ini file. I have removed the semi colon and restarted the apache and php.

Also i changed the max file limit but still i have problems.

Why is this such a pain to install. I have heard so many good things about the software but the installation is really putting me off as everytime i do something it does not work.

Can someone please lend a hand


I am sorry to hear that you having so much trouble trying to get everything installed. Usually when this happens there is a deeper problem within the machine that is causing the problems. If you have anti-virus software such as Norton or McAfee, I would suggest temporarily uninstalling them (Including using the corresponding removal tool from the manufacture). Then remove Apache, PHP and what not. After that restarting and re-installing those packages. I would suggest WAMP or XAMPP. (Edited: XAMMP to XAMPP)

Other than that, can you please tell us which version of Windows you are using, version of the CMS you are installing, version of PHP, and also why did you need to change ports? Do you have other web server software running on the same machine?

Its a windows 8.1 clean build pc with no anti virus on.

Xammp is what i am using and am at my wits end with it. I had to change all the ports in it to get apache to work.

The CMS is the latest version.

Thanks, I really want this to work but not impressed so far



It does not make sense that you needed to change ports. Which ports did you change and why? (This is most likely the cause of your problems.) Were you getting an error message of some sort? If so what did it say. Also, it has been pointed out that if you are running Skype on the same machine this may cause a conflict with the ports.

I had to change port 80 and port 443.

It is a clean build machine first install was xampp. No skype

There is the problem; you should not need to change those ports. Again…Why were they changed?

Please answer all questions if you would like help to solve the problem. Withholding needed information does not allow someone to help you. :smile:

Hi Josh

If getting it running on your own machine is proving a challenge there are companies out there that specialise in hosting the CMS for you (and keeping it and the infrastructure it runs on maintained and secure). That would certainly be worth considering if you don’t have access to a local expert to help you.


They were changed as Apache would not start. SQL fired up fine but Apache would not. I do not know why but documentation told me to change them in the text file.

You might try this