Slow down interface

Hello! We are work with version 1.8.
For example, assign the broadcast schedule to show the video every 15 minutes. As a result, the schedule window begins to slow down when displaying about 100 replay icons.
Why show 100 pictures, if you can write “repeat [100]”, or display just one image of repeat?
Similarly in the drop-down list of scheduled events displays 100 rows.
How is it possible to solve or bypass the problem?

If the event is created with repeat set to every 15min, then it creates new event each 15min, which as you say adds up to quite a lot of events each day.

It would be more viable to adjust durations on your layouts to make this specific video layout display every about 15 min (ie let’s say campaign with couple of layouts, in the order you want and with the adjusted durations scheduled as one event to the displays) than to use repeat, which clutters the schedule page and adds a lot of events to the player’s schedules.

That being said, perhaps we could try to handle the visual representations in this case (where the repeat happens often during the day) a bit better.

As a temporary solution it would be great to open the link “Schedule” is not by default the schedule for a month, but for example for the current day or Agenda. In what place of the php code that we can change?
P.S. Sorry for terrible English :slight_smile: