Skip Ticker in Timeline when no Data

Hello everybody,
I use XIBO version 1.8.5 - so far everything works.
In my layout, I use multiple datasets (filtered).
The timeline uses tickers to display the data from the datasets. As long as (valid) data is available, everything works.
Is there a way to skip the ticker in the timeline when there is no (valid) data?
Basically under Ticker - Advanced a page could be defined, which will be displayed if there is no data.

Unfortunately, I can not find a way to insert a local image from the library on this page. When I paste an image from the clipboard, it will appear in the layout.

After restarting the XiBO CMS there is only the icon (picture is not displayed).

thank you in advance

There is no function to skip the widget if it has no data from the source, however Ticker -> Advanced page has a field ‘A message to display when no data is returned from the source’ you can enter your message there and that will be displayed if there is no data from the dataSet to be displayed.

You should be able to add library images there as well, unfortunately there seems to be a bug about it - you can still add an image to that field with external url though.

Hi Peter
Thank you very much for your efforts. :slight_smile:
A selection button for local library items would be great.