Size of the screenshots received from the player

Hi guys,
I am receiving screenshots form all my players (10x) currently.
I have custom player profile for some of the players because of the resolution and Windows profile for some.
When i receive the screenshots,
the players with custom player profile sends shows the screenshots that are full screen and fit to the image in CMS but the players that uses default Windows profile are showing the screenshot only partly (image is not resized and fitted)

Is there any setting for this to make sure the screenshots are shown as fitted and the whole screen area is visible?

Did you change the player size in display profile (Location tab)?

That’s the logic behind it -

So it will either take the size and offset set in display profile or if it wasn’t changed then it should take the monitor default resolution.

Hi Peter,
i have not done any changes to the default display profile which is not showing the full picture.
In the location tab,
i have everything set to 0 which has not been touched.
Shall i set any parameters?

Yes, you can set the monitor resolution there, if for some reason there is an issue with auto detecting the screen size, then that could help.

Thanks Peter :smiley:
I will.