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I’m playing around for a while in order to get a screenshot with the current resolution of the player.
The monitor is set to 3840x2610, display scaling is set to 100%, Win10, german setup.

So far the screenshot shows the content of whole screen. I’d expect a picture with the resolution 3840x2160, but the maximum size is somewhat around 700x400 (haven’t measured yet). Width and height settings of the profile (Windows, default profile) are set to 0. No layout assigned, just the default ones with the black screen showing “Welcome to Xibo, Open sourde…”.

Profile settings of the screen: width and height are set both to 0, as well as screen shot size.
Restarting the display doesn’t change the result.

Another question: Whenever I click on the button to request a screenshot a window pops up, asking if I really want to get a screen shot. Yes - I want! It annoys me that I always have to click the confirm button. Is there a way to disable that message window?

Thanks for hints.

The screenshot size is set in the main CMS settings on the Displays tab Display Screenshot Default Size. Set it to 0 to get full size screenshots, but keep in mind these use more bandwidth.

You can override that on a display settings profile, but there 0 means “use the default”.

You can’t disable the popup I’m afraid.

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