Single Region Loop

Hi Alex,

I have only one 3 second video, in a region, within a layout.
When I schedule it on a player, I expect it to run for a really long time on loop.
So, I am not looping at media/widget level, (using edit timeline), nor looping it on a region level (options). Rather, I gave it time as 3000 seconds.

Now I expect this single layout to keep running until 3000 seconds, repeating the media within it.
That doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong here?


If you give a 3 second video a duration of 3000 seconds, it will play once, and then you’ll get a black screen for 2997 seconds, and then the layout will reload.

What you want is loop enabled on the video, and a duration of 3000 seconds. Then it will loop for that duration.