Simple user to temporaly overule display, possible?


I have been using Xibo for a main videowall, but thinking of using it for extra small displays with each sales person.

Thought of having a main sequence running, but would it be possible for each sales person to temporaly overrule this “main sequence” with a more client specific one in an easy step when the client is in talk…

And by this I mean, with a very limited login and a simple click or two to activate this specifc sequence?

You would need to create a scheduled event running on the specified time (or schedule Now the layout for the specified time) with higher priority than the usual content.

If you’re using 1.8 series CMS that can also be done via changeLayout call with specified duration - with call pre-configured that would be just the matter of running it, even if you don’t want to write a script for it, you could have that setup in something like Postman and just press ‘send’ when needed.

Thx for reply

first of all, you make it clear that its time to upgrade to 1.8x.

then I will look into how to run it with limited duration with higher priority.

1.7 can also run with limited priority, but proberly a good idea to upgrade anyway… and have looked into how hard/easy it is to schedule a timelimited layout, and its not as hard as I first thought, there is hope that my sales staff can manage that.

I only mentioned 1.8 in regards to the API calls which you could use, but creating an event with priority in web ui is also easy and should work reliably well.

In 1.8 series there is also XMR which is pushing actions to the display (scheduled event for example, changes to the layouts etc), so that player gets notified about your changes pretty much instantly, while in 1.7 series all of that is done according to the collection interval set in the display profile assigned to your display.

Of course priority scheduling in 1.7 should work well in your use case as well.