Simple layout duration question

Hi all

I have two layouts. One that would be displayed 99% of the time and another which I want to flash up every now and again for say, 10 seconds or so.

How do I go about scheduling this? I’m confused as to how the timing actually works and if this is actually possible.

Schedule your standard layout to run from now onwards.
Schedule your “occasional” layout with Priority checked and repeat it at the interval you want

I have my usual layout (which I want to run continuously ) and currently each region has a duration of 30 seconds. The other layout has two regions that last for 5 seconds.

If I schedule the layout with the 5 second regions as priority, should it only appear for 5 seconds and then disappear until the next repeat (for example, per minute) ?

You schedule the occasional layout with priority and at those times it will be shown instead.

I don’t think you can go as low as 5 seconds though. So your occasional layout will loop 12 times

Ok thanks, I’ll have to have a look at it again tomorrow.

It’s for a school, so we have the usual layout then every now and again we want it to flash “welcome to baines school” with the logo.