Showing Text or Photos to 10-20 computers on network for. is it possible?

Hello All,

After looking for a software to show messages on desktop to all workers in company, I have found xibo. Well, it was suggested to be precise by someone on Quora.

I just want to write a text and make it show on all other computers on the network which shouldnt be disabled. To inform them about general topics or showing sales related news etc.

if this is possible with xibo for a newbie like me. I plan to install and start digging deep into Xibo with the help of this great community.

Thank you for your time.

P.S I am not sorry for my English its my second language. Lets see whats your second language.


I’m not really familiar with snapcomms, but Xibo does have a ticker module (it can display data from RSS feed or datasets), you can add it to your layouts and it will be displayed along other items you have there.

As for editing it, it’s rather simple, rss feed if it’s yours can be easily edited, datasets in Xibo are similar to spreadsheet, so shouldn’t cause issues as well.

Same. :slight_smile:

Hello Peter,

I dont have rss feed would that cause a problem? I assume it would be ok to just send TEXT to other computers screen?

Just with a panel or something I could write text and make it appear on all computers would be nice.

Like this ; (doesnt have to have click here link thingy could be just text that cannot be closed)

http:// /_S0f-AWxKVdM/TOfh-WnFYTI/AAAAAAAANyo/XvBtPH41omg/easy-ticker3.png?imgmax=800

Sure, you could use text module with lets say marquee effect ( it will look like tickers usually do).
Alternatively if you have more messages that you’d like to store, you can use datasets and ticker module to display them.

As it is in 1.7 that would need to be added to your layout.
If you’d use ticker then you can set it up so it shows some generic message when there is nothing important you want to display.

In 1.8 (currently in beta) thanks to XMR integration and also overlay layouts, there will be more options to choose from.

Would it be possible to make it so that people cannot turn it off? Is it easy to write and change datasets?

Lastly, how would I start setting up and configuring all this? I checked the guides but failed to find suitable one.

Thank you again Peter. Without you I would come this close to solution.

Well in 1.7, if it will be added to the layout it will stay there.

Unless ‘people’ will have access to the CMS and layout itself then they can just delete it from the layout.

Overview it’s pretty much like Excel spreadsheet (but less complex), ie you add suitable columns and rows with data.

I’ll assume you mean from scratch ie without CMS.

So, to use Xibo you need Xibo CMS and Players (Windows or Android).

CMS can be downloaded and installed on your own web server, alternatively you can use paid hosting - like for example, project sponsors Spring Signage hosting.
We also offer 14 days demo CMS Instance, so you can see if you like it.

Now, players, Xibo for Windows is distributed under AGPLv3 open source licence, so you can download and install it on your Windows PC without any purchase.

Xibo for Android is our commercial player and it does require a paid licence, but it also comes with built-in 14 days trial licence, so you can try it before you buy it.

This tutorial will guide you through basic Xibo features and this guide will show you more about datasets.

I am curious if there is a live example or a screenshot that I can see. I have a server and 6 client terminals but i prefer not to install things on server if they require port filtering and opening ports etc since I am not an IT guy.

I will use this system on desktop computers with Windows.