Show the upcoming birthdays

I have created a dataset with Birthday and Name where Birthday is a Date field yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm and name is a string. Furthermore I have created 2 formulas, one to calculate the birthday day-month and one to calculate the age (see below).

For the day/month view: DATE_FORMAT(Birthday,’%d - %m’)
For the age calculation: ROUND(DATEDIFF(CURDATE(), Birthday) / 365.2425, 0)

In the layout I created a dataset ticker which shows 5 birthdays, but it will show the 5 first ones from the dataset and if I try to sort on Birthday => CURDATE() it shows nothing since they are all born before today :slight_smile: The output I get without the sort is:
02 - 01: John J (81)
15 - 02: Clara B (21)
16 - 07: Test B (1)
18 - 03: Hugo V (21)
23 - 01: Kim von K (53)

What I try to achieve is: the five upcoming birthdays as of today which will update automatically.

Anyone succesful with this already?
Kind regards Paul

Found a solution, maybe a dirty one but it works!
Created two additional formulas in the dataset:
SortDate: DATE_FORMAT(Birthday,’%m%d’)
SortToday: DATE_FORMAT(CURDATE(),’%m%d’)
And the used the filter:
SortDate >= SortToday

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