Show specific layout when internet is offline

Hi there.

I’d like to display a specific a layout when the client is offline so that people watching it can remain entertained while the internet secretly comes back. I guess it might work since Xibo client downloads all the content, right?

Right now, is there a way to do something like that?

Player does download the content and schedule from the CMS for 2 next days (by default), so even if it loses the internet/CMS connection it will continue to show the scheduled content.

If you have online only content like webpages, embedded html etc then that might not get displayed, unless use of browser cache is enabled in the display profile - it will then use standard browser cache to show those widgets without internet access, not everything can be cached, as such playback of online widgets without internet may not always be correct.

You can’t schedule a layout to be displayed specifically when player loses connection, but as I mentioned assuming it is not online only content on the layout player will continue to show the scheduled content the same way with or without internet / CMS connection.

If it will remain offline for longer than 2 days (default file lookahead setting) then player will show the default layout set for that player.

Yes, I know Xibo cannot download pages, that’s why I want Xibo to display a specific layout in case the client goes offline. Otherwise, people will see a message like “No internet found” or something like that.

Also, a module where you could display a slide when a webpage or module meets a specific condition would be good.

For example:
Thunder or heavy rain is coming -> show weather widget/module