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When I unlock a layout and work on it, I get error message after a while When I try to safe that I should unlock the layout. But it is unlocked. I need to wait a while, then I can unlock it.

This happend very often when I work on a layout, so I need a long time to change the layout because I need to do the work again and again.
See the Screenshot, the error message and the status.

Hello, so the Layout Lock is designed to protect different Users from editing the same Layout at the same time. If you were editing a Layout and then another User tried to access it they would see a message to say that the Layout was Locked and they would be unable to interact with the Layout further (a bit like a Layout in a Published state, you can see it but cannot do anything with it). The layout would then unlock after a period of time of inactivity or if you clicked to unlock the Layout immediately from the Menu:


You would then be redirected from the Layout Designer back to the Layout grid with the other user then able to edit the Layout in the Layout Designer.

I have tried recreating the issue you are experiencing and it works as expected for two different Users trying to access/edit the same Layout, however it does allow you to make edits if you have say two tabs open for the same user (which again is expected, as you make changes in one tab the same Layout that is open in the other tab will then be outdated).

Could you first make sure that you don’t have multiple tabs open containing the same Layout and all other Users have their own login credentials and try again to edit your Layout. If the same issue still persists, then please do come back to us.

Thank you very much. I think I used another browser tab to copy/paste some settings.

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