Should images be auto-resized?


I recently updated Xibo CMS from 1.8 to the latest and I was blown away by the current layout editor. Amazing. However now I have an issue that wasn’t present before and I can’t seem to understand how it works.
I have the default settings for “Image Threshold” (1920) and “Resize Limit” (6000) and I understand that if I upload an image larger than 1080p it would get resized automatically. But that isn’t the case and the layout I put that image in doesn’t get played. An error is displayed:


Any images that are of low resolution are ok though.

So should CMS resize images itself or is there a workaround or should I do it myself from now on? I remember there wasn’t such an issue before.

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They will be resized yes. That happens as a background task run by XTR. You need to make sure XTR is being run regularly.

If you’re using Docker it’s been done for you, but if it’s a custom install you need to make sure it’s being run every minute or so.

Ok, thank you, we have a custom install indeed. Enabling XTR to run does resize my images. However one issue remains - if the layout is published before XTR runs, the layout doesn’t get a status update after XTR runs and the image is resized. If I checkout the layout for editing, the status gets updated and all is well.
Should the layout change status after it’s published?

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