Shell command gets executed more than once

I am using a region in my layout to have a shell command to trigger another app. For the most part it runs fine but sometimes i see that the shell command keeps getting triggered over and over again ( my app logs show every time it gets a trigger). Causes my app to crash.

Is this a bug or i there is config to stop this?

What CMS and player versions are you using please?

Could you tell us what’s the code you use in the command?

Both cms and player version is 1.7.9 on Windows OS.
The command is to trigger a batch file which looks like

This bat file triggers an exe.

The layout has 2 parts.

  1. A static image for 300 sec
  2. A region for shell command

For most cases shell command triggers my app once and layout stays there for 300 sec.

The issue happens when sometimes the batch files gets trigger over and over again for 300 sec.

Right, it could be better to have them on separate layouts (the shell command one with short duration).

In 1.8 there are couple more ways to do that - schedule command event, execute command on player or use API calls, but that does not help you in 1.7.9.

Thanks Peter. For now i think i will use shell command and other region in two different layouts.

For 1.8 could you tell me a little bit more about the ways i can achieve that.