Setting cached XTR & XMDS


I am setting the email & notification.

Initial settings:
Enable Maintenance? = On
Enable Email Alerts? = On
Max Display Timeout = 5
Send repeat Display Timeouts = On

The emails and notifications sent every 5 minutes. An then I changed the settings to:
Enable Maintenance? = On
Enable Email Alerts? = On
Max Display Timeout = 15
Send repeat Display Timeouts = Off

The result was the emails and notifications still sent every 5 minutes. I debugged the system and saw that the settings I changed not loaded correctly by the Task ( = EmailNotification, MaintenanceRegular…), they loaded the old settings because of hitting the pool cache.

How can I disable the cache or make sure the settings loaded correctly?


Max Display Timeout is only used if you set the system to use that in preference to the collection interval you’ve setup for your Players.

If you want to be notified at 15 minutes, with a 5 minute collection, then you also need to set Use the Global Timeout on each of your displays:

You can’t disable the cache. Clicking on Save in the settings page deletes the entire settings cache, so you can be sure that if you change a setting there, it will be used.

Ok I got it. But the problem here is Send repeat Display Timeouts = Off not working! The email still sent. The settings page show correctly but the tasks still get the value of Send repeat Display Timeouts is On.

The problem is same with other fields like Sending email address, Enable Email Alerts?.. which would be loaded in Task (EmailNotification, MaintenanceRegular…). They always are loaded with old values.

I’ve checked the codes and see that it always hits the pool and never run the below codes.

It always goes to the cache yes. But if you’ve changed that setting in the UI, and clicked save, then there will be nothing in the cache for that value, so it will not be a ‘hit’, the if no longer matches, and the second part of the block (that you’ve crossed out) will be run.

If you’re directly modifying the database for example, then you would certainly get that effect since your direct edits to the database won’t be also clearing the cache for those settings.

I clicked the Save button in Settings page, not modified directly the database and I saw the cache still there. My issue is only for XTR and XMDS.
Ok, let me have a deep investigation on the codes.

Thanks for replying.

XTR and XMDS use exactly the same routes as the UI you’re looking at. What you see in the UI is what they will be using.

I’ve tried many times but the result is still same.

Please see the image. Ignore the ERROR level

P/S: I used the MAINT script to test. The same with XTR configured with CRON (showed CONSOLE level).

I wonder if you’re hitting filesystem permission issues.

Please can you ensure that CRON is running as the same user your webserver is running as, and then clear the cache directory in the CMS library. If you’re running as several different users that can cause issues.

Many thanks for you Alex. The issue is from my library path. I put the full path and the function now working like a charm :).

Good I’m glad you got it working. We do say to use a fully qualified path to your library in the manual :slight_smile: