Setting Birthdays

I have the following setup to display Birthday’s in a data sets by month.

Dataset - January Events
Dataset - February Events
Dataset - February Events…etc, etc… till December Events

In the Time line I’ve set a Ticker up with a Data set and selected the July Events as the data set. The birthdays that are programmed in the July Events are showing up as their supposed to. Now I want to add a Dataset Ticker for the remaining months but when I do it doesn’t seem to want to go from January fee, to February feed, etc… (I’ve added test data with today’s date to the January and February feeds for testing purposes)


Datasets are heavily cached Player side, so you will have to wait for the cache to expire before new data is shown.

Is there a way to clear the cache?

You could clear the Player local library directory. That would force all content to be downloaded again.