Set Webpage transparent - asking for workaround

I am developing a digital dashboard for our university and using xibo.

In our Mainregion we implement some php-Webpages. We want to set the background of those pages transparent.
But in the webpage setting you write that Background transparency isn’t available.

–> “Not currently available on the Windows Display Client”

If i use it without xibo and set the body background with our background image and set the layer above transparent it works smoothly.

I tried some workarounds with iframes and so on. But now I am at the end of my creativity.

Please help as soon as possible! Thanks in advance

It’s not possible.

The Windows Player uses Windows Forms (which is effectively like putting lots of small windows one on top of another). That means that the background of the web browser can only ever be the web browser - not what’s underneath it.

If you require full transparency then at the moment your only supported option is the Android Player.