Set today's Weekdays name such Tus 04/21/15 11:12 AM on layout

Hi All,

on my layout In region Timeline Using [Date] : [Clock] in text to show date and time “04/21/15 11:12” format…
Is there a way to show date and time such as the following format Starting with today weekday’s name and ending with Am or PM.

Tus 04/21/15 11:12 AM

Thanks for any help,


cibsrk \ Ebi,

I believe you want:

[time|eee] [time|MM]/[time|dd]/[time|yy] : [time|hh]:[time|kk] [time|a]

I have not tested it. Code was no good, now it is updated and tested. Also a little ugly, Someone might be able to clean this up a bit.

Cleaned up abit:

[time|eee MM/dd/yy : hh:kk a]


Thanks for the quick replay and help.
I was able to fix it by using:
[dd] [Date] [HH:mm] [a]
the output will be:
We 22/04/2015 08:33 am