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Hello, I have just upgraded my CMS from v2.3.10 to v3.3.8.
In 2.3.10, my users had as their homepage “https://my_cms.ex/playlist/view” showing them the playlists they had access to.
Now, I can either chose “Icon Dashboard” which is somewhat useless in my case because if they click on Library it takes them to Library → Media.
Or Playlist Dashboard but I don’t use subplaylists in my playlists so they can’t really do anything in that tab
(This Playlist does not have any Spots for you to manage. Please choose another.).
I can ask them to click on Library → Playlists but the dashboard is useless then.

Is there any way to have “https://my_cms.ex/playlist/view” as the homepage as we used to in 2.3.10?

Thanks and have a great day !

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