Server User Manual Install

Hi. I am new to Xibo. I am testing this system on both a live server and in a local testing environment. Installation went very well on both Windows and Unix servers. I am also relatively new to PHP as I am a ASP developer. My question is this…How do I integrate the user manual I retrieved from GitHub to be hosted on my servers?

You extract it somewhere you want to serve it from (you could have a subfolder in the main CMS installation for that). You’d then update the settings table HELP_BASE record with the URL of your manual subfolder.

Thanks for your quick reply. I extracted to a folder on both servers. I am getting the following errors…

Warning: mkdir(): No such file or directory in C:\inetpub\XXXXXXX\manual\manualgenerator.class.php on line 59

This is on my windows server. I get forbidden message on Unix.

You are trying to generate the manual from its source files?

Unless you have a particular reason for doing that (i.e. you have made changes to it) you would use the manual ZIP file published with the release which contains the generated HTML content.

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I unzipped the contents and uploaded to web root subdirectory (manual). I edited the database with the url as instructed. I checked the directory permissions and still no go.

Sorry for the late reply - the HTML is just plain old HTML, you can even view it locally by opening index.html in your browser.

To be clear, you download the zip from the release page not the repository.

I am concerned that the company I set Xibo up for is planning on re-branding selling your software as their own.

They are welcome to sell services around the software, but not the actual software as that is a breach of the AGPLv3, which must be provided to the end users.

If you feel that they are breaching the AGPLv3 intentionally or otherwise, please PM me.