Server upgrade, to dock or not to dock

I have a long standing installation which is running 1.7.9 with 3 Android clients. I’d like to move to 1.8 but I can’t decide:

  1. is the hassle of upgrading at all worth it? I’m not plagued by bugs or issues
  2. shall I get another server machine, perform a fresh install and then move over to it?
  3. Shall I upgrade manually to 1.8? I’ve performed many 1.7 upgrades and I think I know the route
  4. shall I upgrade the current Centos platform to a docker model (I don’t know docker from a kick in the arse)

Also, will I need to upgrade the android clients and is that billable? I don’t seem able to login to the spring signage site.

1 - In theory it should not be a hassle (docker is recommended for 1.8 series, but not required).

2 - Hard to say for me, it depends if you’re happy with your current server and if it meets 1.8 series requirements.

3 - You can certainly do that, there will be some additional steps to enable XMR/XTR and some environment changes, going forward it is likely that there will be more of those steps in manual/custom installation.

4 - Again, docker is recommended and should make things easier going forward, but it is perfectly feasible to install 1.8 series on a webserver similar to earlier series.

Perhaps have a look here

It will be recommended to use 1.8R102 against 1.8 series CMS, older versions (since R58) will work against 1.8 CMS, but of course will not be able to use all new features.

Depending on your current licence pool ie if you have already licence upgrades available or not.

Portal is now under, if you have any problems with login to it or have questions about your licences, could you please contact Spring Signage support directly about it?

Hi Peter

The issue in item 2 is that if the upgrade doesn’t go smoothly then I’m sunk. 3 dead screens till its working again.

The Players cache 2 days worth of schedule and content by default. Unless you think it’s going to take longer than 2 days to try and upgrade, and roll back to a backup of your original state if that fails, then it should be OK.

General rule though - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you don’t want or need any of the new features, stay put for now until you do perhaps?