Server Setup advice


We are currently piloting the Xibo display software within our institution. We have been using it for a few months now, but only within our own department. Other departments have shown an interest in using the software, and we are considering the best way of implementing the service thought the institution. Would you advise on using only one CMS server for all, or use a CMS server for each department? The reason I ask is that if a restore of the database were required for one department only, using one CMS server would affect the other departments also, which is why we are considering departmental servers. Any suggestions of better implementation are welcome.

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keep CMS on your Server centrally and install Signage Player on different Department.

If you have a situation where you might need to do that (for some reason) then there are probably other reasons to have a separate CMS per department.

If you want departments to share content, then you will have to use one CMS.

Ok, thanks for the responses so far. Departments generally have their own content, so no sharing would be required. I think we may be implementing a CMS per department (resources permitting), as it is setup as a VM anyway.

That sounds reasonable to me - if they don’ t have any cross over of content they it would be more flexible to keep them on separate CMS’s.

I should point out that there would be no problem having them all on the same CMS either :smile: