Server key lost

I installed correctly CMS and now i need to set up the dislpay…

but i forgot my server key and I am not able to fill the box in the Player Options…

where I can find it???


In the CMS under Settings -> Configuration

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hi Alex!

sorry but you need to be more precise! I am not very expert…

in the CMS where?

Log in to the CMS.

From the left hand menu click on “Settings”

Then the “Configuration” tab will be there with the server key on it. A very quick look would have found that!

don’t kill me!..

how can i log into the CMS?

i am a lite bit confused…


You said you correctly installed the CMS, so you’ll know the URL you set it up on.

So go to that URL, and enter the username and password you chose during installation and you’ll be logged in.

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problem solved!!! ok! grazie mille!!!

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