Server does not recognize in client install

I have installed the Xibo Player client and configured it with the CMS address and key. When I go to the Server console and click on Display, I do not see the new computer listed there even though the client is saying, “Display is awaiting licensing approval from an Administrator.”

I have uninstalled, ran CCleaner, and searched the Registry for Xibo and removed all files associated with it. I also manually removed the Xibo Library folder. Even after doing all of that, when I reinstall the software it still populates with my CMS address, etc., but it is still not recognized by the Display console to authorize it.

Thank you for your help in advance.


Sounds like you may need to change the hardware key of the Xibo Client. Which client are you running? Also did you image/mirror this machine?

Also make sure you haven’t called the Player name the same as the name of any display groups you’ve created.

Thank you! Changing the hardware key fixed my issue. I will remember for the future! Thanks again! :smile: