Server/client takes too long to copy files


I have a Xibo server and client running in the same machine(pc stick) they have different libraries…but when i upload a video on the CMS it copies at a normal speed to the server library…pretty quick but it takes for ever to copy to the client library from the server even tho they are in se same machine…I end up copying the video manually to the client library to make it work… any idea why?

thanks for ur help in advance

The download from the CMS to the Player is by default in small chunks to make the download more resilient to poor quality internet connections.

The 1.8 Docker install comes with HTTP downloads and sendfile offloading turned on by default, and so should be much faster over stable connections.

You can configure custom installs/1.7 installs to use that method too, but it’s dependent on the webserver you use and where you’ve put the files as to how you would do that.

For Apache, it’s as simple as turning Sendfile on in the Apache configuration, whitelisting the CMS library directory for accellerated downloads, and then setting the SENDFILE_MODE setting in the CMS to Apache.