Server address and key reset on Win 10 client

Hello everyone,

I have a problem regarding the client that is installed on our win10 systems.
Sometimes, seeming randomly the entered server address and the key reset back to default.

We cannot explain how or why this happens.

Xibo is in use on about 80 PCs since about 3 months but this problem has occurred only a handful of times on different systems.

Can anybody give me clues about this behaviour?

Thank you very much in advance.

Greetings from Germany,

Thank you for your message. We are aware that some users have experienced this issue but so far have been unable to replicate it.

Thank you for confirming it is on Windows 10 that you are experiencing this issue. Can you confirm the following:

  • Have there been any other changes to the PC around the time that the data is lost?
  • Has Windows updated around the time of the loss of credentials?
  • Are there any other services running on the PC?
  • Is the User Profile the same as it was when the Player was installed?
  • Does the issue reoccur after you have reentered the credentials? If so, how long after you have reentered the credentials are they lost again?

If there is any other information you have that would help us narrow down the issue, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

Hello Dan,

I will try to answer most of the points:

  • The PC is installed via an image and is not changed after installing it at the customer’s place
  • We don’t do Windows Updates on those PCs
  • There are no other services running, the PC is used only for showing content via Xibo
  • What do you mean by user profile? The is not changed afterwards, why should I do that?
  • On 2 of those PCs it took a few weeks, 2 or 3 that this error occured again, on another system it took maybe 2 months. There is also a system that has not yet had this problem again (after 6 months)

Thank you so much for your help!

Greetings from Germany

Thank you for all of the information you have provided, this all helps when trying to narrow down the source of this issue.

If it should happen again, I would recommend taking a look at the Event Viewer logs around the time the settings were lost to see if any Warning or Errors may explain the issue.

So far I have not experienced this issue with my own Windows Player so it is hard to say what could be the cause of the issue currently but it is still being investigated.

Many Thanks.

We are also facing the same issue on Windows 10 (Intel Compute Stick). The client setting windows randomly resets the server address and keys. This is happening only on Windows 10 as we also have windows 8 installed on few screens and never had such issue. On one windows 10 system the issue occurred after one year and now it is happening every other week. On another windows 10 PC the issue is being face since March 2019 and still we are unable to find the real cause.

I am waiting for the advise from the experts.