Serialization failure : deadlock found

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CMS Version


Player Type


Player Version

We have 300 players, mostly in version windows 2 R254.1-254


This screen below shows the error we have when we try to save medias, layout, or displays. Our CMS is currently in a very degraded state since it’s almost impossible to modify layouts.

Since the reported error was about DB, we started by increasing the DB’s allocated RAM, from 1G to 2G, then 4G on a second server. It fixed the issue for like … A day and then it came back to the same issue.
After moving the DB to another server we also increased the allocated memory for the PHP container (we use docker) from 1G to 2G.

When the issue occured the first time, about two-three weeks ago, it came from nowhere. By nowhere i mean that it wasn’t progressive as we added players, we didn’t see more and more increased loading times. It went from ‘everything is good’ when we had ~280 players, to ‘nothing works’ at 300 players.

I have no idea whether or not the amount of player is related to the issue.

At this point i kinda have no further ideas and our client are starting to get angry since nothing works like expected.

Do you have any idea about what is going wrong ? Is Xibo able to support that much players ?

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