Self-signed certificate authority in Linux Player

I wasn’t able to find any reference to this in the documentation or the Linux Player category, so sorry if this has been addressed already.

I have an environment running in production with a linux hosted CMS (1.8) with SSL enabled through a self-signed authority. I have a number of windows clients that have the CA in their trust stores and they all work great. I’d like to move them all to Linux players, however I can’t get the snap to verify the certificate on Ubuntu 18.04 (or CentOS 7, for that matter).

Is this expected with a snap environment? It appears that I’ve installed the CA correctly on the Linux OS (wget and curl successfully communicate). But the Player.options will not verify the connection.

Is there an alternative way to import a cert trust into the snap environment?

This isn’t something we currently support - i’ve opened an issue for it:

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