Second Xibo Client shuts down not on purpose

I have 2 monitors with 2 Xibo Clients. The first screen works just fine but my second screen shut Xibo down by itself and i don’t want that.In my layout i use websites with PHP.
On my first screen there are 7 different websites and they change every 10 seconds.
My second screen got 2 websites that also change every 10 seconds but it will shutdown by itself. Sometimes i only see Xibo splashscreen and then it shutdown and the other times i can see it for a maximum of 1 minute.

My version i am using in the client is 1.8.3 with windows 10

Are both players using the same local embed server port?
If so that will cause conflict and may cause player to shutdown.

Presumably both players are using separate display profiles (as you need to have offset set on one of them), as such you can also adjust the embedded web server port on the second player.

Display settings page -> Edit display profile assigned to the second player -> Advanced tab -> Embedded Web Server Port

The default is 9696 you can change that on the second player to, for example, 9697, save the profile, restart the player and make sure it has new port (you can edit display -> advanced tab and see the settings it has).

If that’s already set, then the issue could be with memory, you could monitor memory usage in windows task manager when the players are running.

Thank you for replying.

I still have a problem i changed my embed server port to 9697 on my second player, that’s working fine but if i restart the player and i go to edit display -> advanced tab i see this : Embedded Web Server Port 9696 soo it didn’t change there. How can i solve this ?

I changed the embed port in the config too from the second client and now it’s working. But this still exist
"on my second player, that’s working fine but if i restart the player and i go to edit display -> advanced tab i see this : Embedded Web Server Port 9696 soo it didn’t change there"

But i have 1 more problem. And that is that if i set my timeline where the website is located on Best Fit and then i can’t reach the website. However if i do it on Open Natively than it’s working but it doesn’t fit on my screen it’s a little bit too big and goes out of the side of the screen. Do you have solution for this?

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Essentially the important part is to have both players using different embedded web server port if both players are running on the same PC - of course you may happen to have other application using the same port, which similarly would cause a conflict, in any case I’m glad that is resolved now.

Regarding website, is that website available over the internet or is internal site?

At a guess it will be something in the webpage itself to prevent you from changing the dimensions when embedding it in an iframe - open natively opens it just like the browser would, without issuing any changes, so perhaps that’s why it works.

Do you know why i can’t do it on Best Fit because on my First client i use Best Fit too with the same kind of page and that is working perfect. And if i select Best Fit on my second screen it says that it can’t find the webpage. It’s a internal site that uses PHP.

Edit: if i use best fit i can see the webpage shown correctly for less than 1 minute and then it says Webpage not found. On the second screen.

I solved the problem. The solution was that in Displays -> Edit -> Advanced -> Display was still on Windows that was the profile of the first screen, soo i changed it too the second screen and it is working fine for already 30 minutes.

Thank you for the help with changing embed port because that help allot :smiley:

You can close this thread.

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