Scrolling in 1.7.x


I currently run Xibo 1.6.4. I use a RSS feed to show realtime fixtures of a football competition. Because each ‘article’ is too large to show on the screen, I use scrolling to be able to show everything.

In Xibo 1.7.4., the scrolling option has been removed. Instead, some cool transitions were added. This is great for switching from 1 article to the next in a RSS feed. But it doesn’t quite help me with my issue.

Is it possible to somehow scroll an RSS feed in the upward direction? If not, is there maybe another way to show articles that are too large to show in 1 screen?
I think the same question was asked in this topic, but it’s closed whitout being answered: RSS Ticker not Scrolling on Xibo 1.7 R52

Thanks in advance!

Marque up is what you’re looking for.

The original poster in the thread you link answered their own question

You are right, I missed that part. Thanks for the quick response!