Scrolling Backgrounds - Possible?

Hi there,

We are looking at making our current DS displays a bit more punchy and one suggestion has been to have a scrolling/rolling background. i.e. the background of the display cycles through a predefined (or random) set of images that have a lower transparency than anything else on the screens. All other regions would then display over the top of these images.

Is this possible??? I am using v 1.7.4 on both Windows Server and Clients



Hi Nick,

I am afraid the answer unfortunately is no, at least on Windows client.

So an image can be set as background (on Windows client we recommend .jpg image) and that’s it.

On Android client, you could have a full screen region with pre defined set of images playing in the background (with specified z-index).
But Windows client does not support overlapping regions / z-index to make it work.