Scroll on embedded widget

We are using the “embedded” widget and “HTML to Embed” code.

How can we make this region “scrollable” so users can scroll the embedded page?
Is this possible?


You can enable the mouse pointer from the Displays Settings Profile on the Advanced Tab:

You may be able to force scrollbars to appear by having your HTML call some javascript to enable them.

As a suggestion you could try: = "auto"; and see if that works for you?

Thanks, Natasha.
Will try this.

Could this be the same issue for the touch not working?


Hi Eric, I believe that this needs to be enabled for touch to work on Windows.

Please do let us know if this resolves your issue.

Many thanks

Hi Natasha,

We are going to try to change that setting and will let you know.

The touch does work in one region - using the Embedded HTML widget.
But not the “buttons” or the other regions.

Will let you know as soon as we can change the setting.

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