Script to "Schedule Now" a layout with the API for Emergency Message

Hi there,
First of all, thanks to all of the contributors of Xibo Project since the beginning, it’s a very nice product, great achievment !
For the needs of our company, we would like to make a special development using the API but we need the help of the support staff :smile:

On the Android client, we would like to push a webpage based layout each time we have the request from our application.
We figure out we should use the “Schedule Now” function with the “Priority” setting enabled, but we can’t find any documentation about the procedure to call that via the API.
I must say that I don’t have an expert knowledge of the Git Tree and don’t really know where to find this out.

Any chance that one of you can give us a hand ? If you think we wouldn’t use the good call, just let us know, or if you have other idea or best practice to show us, we won’t feel offended :smile:

Thank you in advance. Kind regards.


The API is still heavily in BETA and the necessary calls are not present yet - you have identified the calls that would be required correctly though :confused:

If you wanted to talk to us commercially about sponsoring the development of those API calls into 1.7.3, then we can take a look at that for you.

More generally we hope to have the API fully implemented with all Xibo functions by 1.8.0-alpha

Thank you for answering Dan :wink:

Another considered solution is to switch from a campaign scheduled to the default layout witch can be my webpage layout each time we have the request !

Thanks to this, we might not use the Schedule Now call of the API, but I don’t know if there is anything predicted in the code making such a switch possible.

I’ll get in touch with you for further collaboration anyway.

This chap is doing something that sounds very similar to what you want… I’m not sure if he will make his code available, but I have my fingers crossed!

I’m curious to know if anyone is using Xibo with the Android Client in an environment where the Priority Event trigger is used to force up an emergency instruction/map presentation during a fire, etc. Our safety committee has asked us to consider the feasibility of this.(Think a single slide layout, possibly per display location with a facility map: “The facility will explode shortly. Please exit the building slowly using this map (you are trapped here), and do not trample your colleagues. Thank you for your cooperation. -Management”. Ideally we’d like to use the API so that one click or event trigger from a security system would switch the display groups to this safety layout.


:laughing: that made me chuckle!

Unfortunately the schedule API calls aren’t implemented yet (see Script to "Schedule Now" a layout with the API for Emergency Message) so that would make it impossible to do from the API at present.

Clicking “Schedule Now” on the correct layout would do as you wanted though - bearing in mind it would only come into effect the next time the player downloaded its content (the collection interval).

Thank you Dan to send me this subject, exactly the same need as us. You can merge my post with this one if possible by the way :wink:
Very good example Kevin, I can imagine the whole scene, with the sirens and the safety message “This is not a drill !”.
It’s a very good idea from your safety comitee to broadcast the emergency instructions throughout the dynamic signage !


Thank you. Seems to be on the right track, except for the delay part. I understand the technical reasons for this as Xibo is currently designed. However: what if we used/hacked the local client storage option for this sort of thing? Add the option to set aside a small amount of space for a small layout on the client? This way we wouldn’t have to wait for a download to occur, eliminating any delays because the layout/image(s) would already be there waiting for the api call to display it until it is cleared by another call to download the regularly scheduled layout…



I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if anyone got something like this working? We are wanting to implement this in our system (manufacturing plant with 40+ screens) but I am having an issue wrapping my head around the process.
Could be as simple as the Xibo CMS monitoring a folder on its server for a specific file, say firealarm.txt" and changing the present layout on all displays to display the “fire emergency” layout. Then the Xibo CMS continues to monitor the folder for another file, say allclear,txt, and then returns all displays back to their original layouts. That’s just one scenario that I came up with on the fly… Open to other ideas as well.

Is this possible with 1.8+ and if so, could someone give me some hints to get me started?

At the moment we are using Android devices with V1.8.0 Xibo.


With current 1.8 series and API, yes it should be possible.

You will want to integrate Xibo with whatever system would recognise the ‘emergency’ so then it can fire up a API call, which would be either scheduleAdd (perhaps an overlay layout or normal layout) with priority over usual content or changeLayout call that will change the current layout to the specified one.

Without integration it won’t do it automatically, you could still have those API calls ready and push the button to send them to all displays manually.

If there is a system in place that would be able to be integrated with Xibo and trigger the API calls, then we can look into writing something for you - if that would be of interest, please do open support ticket with Spring Signage.

If there is no system or you’d prefer to write calls etc by yourself, then please create a new topic in support category and we will try to help you as well - there is also a API introduction guide on this site that I’ve wrote, which might be a good starting point to get to know 1.8 API.