Script android_licence.php not found or unable to stat

Sometimes the following entry in the Apache log:

[Wed May 13 11:51:05.217829 2015] [:error] [pid 4840:tid 1588] [client] script ‘D:/webserver/htdocs/xibo/android_licence.php’ not found or unable to stat

Best regards, Hubert

That’s normal.

Basically if one of your Android devices was unable to licence from the Spring Signage servers, then it will attempt to licence against your CMS.

If you had the on-premise licencing system from Spring Signage installed you’d have a file to handle that, but as you don’t then you see the logged error.

It could be that there was an internet connection problem at that time and so the licence check failed, or it could indicate that there is a problem licencing that Player. If it was an internet connection problem, the Player will continue to be licensed for 14 days and will attempt to re-licence again before finally going offline.


What is that? Could you provide more details about this ?


It used to be called offline licencing. Basically it allows the Android Player to obtain it’s software licence from the CMS rather than needing to communicate with servers at Spring Signage. It’s not necessary in most scenarios - only where the players have no internet access

Do you mean this

“Xibo for Android can also be licensed for usage behind corporate lines or on local intranets. For £150.00 GBP you can purchase an off-line licence module that lives on your CMS. This can be used to manually licence your clients and remove the need for the 30 day check.”

Also, is the £150.00 GBP for off-line module inclusive in the Xibo CMS whitelabel pricing, BTW, how much for CMS whitelabel.

That’s exactly what it means. It just includes the offline licencing module - nothing else.

Pricing for other services is available in Spring Signage Customer Portal

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