Screenshots are not saved after the first one

After the first screenshot gets sent no others are stored on the server.

The first file is correctly stored to /[library]/screenshots/1_screenshot.jpg

I tried removing the first stored file and it worked, same thing renaming it, so it would look like the screenshot saving programming cannot either read, maybe due to incorrect permissions, the files present in the directory therefore assuming there are none (but it’s not the case as these have not been changed from its original 755), or there’s something broken in the naming logic itself.

Oddly the device’s log “incorrectly” reports success:
39913 2016-07-07 10:10:07 XMDSSoap4 SubmitScreenShot Received Screen shot

Server version 1.7.8 on PHP 5.6.22
Device running 1.7.5 on an Intel Compute Stick (Product code STCK1A32WFC)

Side note: for future updates a device name or id in the screenshot might also be useful in identifying the file in case of multiple requests.

The screenshots simply overwrite the original file. It isn’t intended that it builds up a library of screenshots over time.

You’re intended to access the screenshots via the Web UI and not directly on the disk - which is why they don’t have friendly names.

oh, doh. Thanks Alex.

I never saw in the interface a screenshot viewing section (I still don’t but I’ll look for it better) plus the naming structure on the server led me to assume it was to behave differently.

Thanks again for clarifying that

You view the screenshots by going to the Displays page in the CMS, and then selecting the view for Screenshots or Screenshots when logged in.

Thanks but I still can’t seem to find it

Click Filter at the top right, then from the View menu, choose Screen shot thumbnails

Click on the thumbnail to open it larger.

oh ok got it. thank you Alex