Screenshot Issue

I’m currently running the latest version of Xibo 1.8.2 and have had no issues of capturing screenshots until now. We run two different players but only one of them is having this problem. When I send a command to capture the thumbnail it only updates the first display and on Screen shot ? there is still a check mark on the one that did not update.Both players are on version code 129. I’ve tried re-configuring the xmr settings on the player, which didn’t seem to solve my problem either.

Does it report any errors on the status screen / manage page / CMS log page?

You can also enable auditing on the display and CMS debugging,
Recreate the issue ie request a screenshot from that display,
Check CMS log page (you can adjust interval and filter logs as well)

I was unable to find any errors in the logs although on the manage page there was an error of having too many active processes, we’ve restarted our xibo server and that seems to have fixed the problem for now.