Screenshot from Multiscreen setup

Hi there,

one of our setups uses multiple little displays as one big screen. When I request a screenshot from this system I only get the view from one of the screens/first display, instead of all displays/the complete screenshot.

How do I fix this?

Can you confirm how you have set up your multi screen display?

If you are using Windows players, and have extended your display in the screen resolution settings, the issue may be resolved by:

  • Selecting the Display Settings option in your CMS.
  • Select the down facing arrow at the end of the Windows row.
  • Select the Edit option from the menu, This will open the Edit Profile window.
  • If you select the Advanced tab, you will see an option for Screenshot size. By default, this value is set to 200. If you set it to 0, this should give you a screenshot of the full layout.

If this does not resolve the issue, please provide more details of your setup and what the screenshot size value is set to.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve edited the Screenshot size, but I still don’t get a full size screenshot. What do you mean by “extened your display in the screen resolution settings”?

My apologies if my reply was not clear. By “extend your display in the screen resolution settings”, I was referring to the method we would recommend using if you would like to display one layout across multiple monitors. But perhaps it’s best if we start from the beginning.

Can you confirm the following:

  • What Player versions are you using?
  • How have you set up the layout to display across multiple screens?

Once you have confirmed how you have set up the screens to display the content, I can further look into the issue for you.

Many Thanks.

I’m using 1.8.10 as the windows player version.
The layout isn’t set up in a special way, the screens are striped together in windows (“expand” the main screen). The full resolution of the setup is 4k, the layout is set to 4k.
Thank you for your help in advance!

Thank you for confirming your setup and versions being used.

Can you also confirm the resolution you have set in your Display Profile settings? Below are instructions on how to find it:

  • Select the Display Settings option in your CMS.
  • Select the down facing arrow at the end of the Windows row.
  • Select Edit from the drop down menu.
  • The information i’m looking for is under the Location tab.

If you can let me know the values in the Width, Height, Left, Top fields, that will help to narrow down the issue.

Many Thanks.

All of these values are set to 0, so it should use the display size.

I would recommend setting the height and width in these fields to the total width and height of your multi screens. If the total resolution is 4k as mentioned in your earlier message, this should be a width of 3840, and a height of 2160.

Once you have done this and saved the changes, try to capture another screenshot. If you can confirm the result, I would be grateful.

Many Thanks.