Screensaver only runs once

Hello Everyone!
I intend to use Xibo as screen saver on a Win7 computer. When I log on the computer the Xibo Screensaver starts up fine. Problem is once I activate back the desktop by any event and wait for the screensaver to show up it never does.

Thanks for your time and help in advance!

Which version are you running please?

After the screensaver has been run once, do you see any processes with the name Xibo in them in the Windows Task Manager process list?

It is version 1.7.19
There’s no Xibo process listed in the task manager.
My layout displays a powerpoint presentation just fine. One thing I noticed though is a POWERPNT.EXE*32 process that remains active after the screensaver goes away. If I end the mentioned process the screensaver comes up as it’s supposed after the configured time has passed and we’re back at the beginning.

Can you try to use a simple layout to see if that fixes the issue? Something without PowerPoint - perhaps just an image? I am expecting it will fix it, as closing PowerPoint.exe fixes the problem.

If that does fix it, can you export your powerpoint as a video?

We have very little control over when the PowerPoint.exe ends (it should eventually end though)!