Screensaver 1.7.5 question

Hi guys!

Any thoughts on how I can get the screensaver to always play the “newest” version of the selected layout?

Instead of re-installing the screensaver each time I make changes…

You shouldn’t need to do that - it acts exactly the same as the player application and will connect to the CMS, download content and change layout.

Are you sure you’re giving it enough time to change to the latest content?

Oh alright, no i’m not sure of that actually. Do you know the default collect interval of scr?

It is 5 minutes (same as the normal player). When you configure the screensaver you should be able to click on settings and adjust that value.

Ok, just tried it again. I edited in the default layout for the display, waited for the screensaver.

booom, it does not show the new material hmm

It won’t start checking for new material until its open - i.e. it isn’t running until its open, so it doesn’t know to do anything yet. If you were to leave it up then it will most likely refresh with new content.

You may want to edit the hardware key, so that you can address the screen saver and the display independently - might stop confusion over the status flags in the CMS.

The screensaver has been on several hours this morning and did not refresh it’s content :confused:

Edit hardwarekey? Please tell me more, feeling like such a noob…

EDIT: saw this now, it has not been acessed by cms under this time

I can be difficult to get your head around - the screensaver is functionally identical to the normal player application. It just so happens it can run as a screensaver too.

That means all of the normal considerations during installation apply - i.e. you need to configure it as if it were a player. Please go into the windows screen saver dialog and click Settings. There you can change the library, hardware key, etc as if it was a normal player.

Thanks for quick reply! I will check into this, you have a nice weekend Mr. Dan :smiley:

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Hi Guys!
I am having the same problem in screensaver mode. The client only connects to the cms when it is first configured. It downloads the default layout when it is authorized in CMS. But after that it disconnects and never reconnects to the CMS as the normal player.
So, since it is not logged in I cannot change the layout, schedule new content etc.
Do I make something wrong? I don’t think so, because my normal players behaves as they should.