Screens white in a some displays

I have 20 Intel NUC’s with your screen. My problem is that sometimes (once a week more less) the display goes white and I have to restart the Xibo Cliente so that it works again. It does not happen with everyone, but with any of them.
Thank you for your time.

First off I’d try and identify the differences between the units.

Graphics drivers make a big difference, so check you are running the latest ones from Intel directly. The ones on Windows Update are not always suitable.

The problem is that I can’t update the drivers because the “official drivers” are with Windows 10 Operative System and I´ve the NUC’s with Windows7. So the that way I couldn´t update them.
I don´t know if there will be another way to solve that.
Thank you

The screen going white with no other error sounds like a graphics driver glitch to me, which is why I suggested looking at that.

I’m not sure what you can do if you’re unable to install proper graphics drivers on your platform I’m afraid.